Isaiah 61  Men

A Guide for Pastors providing trauma informed ministry and Christian survivors applying redemptive theology 

When making referrals please check out the relevance of the professional or organisation first.

too many promote their service when they don't understand sexual trauma

           or are in a general practice and have treated survivors of sexual abuse

               but not undertaken specific training.  I know  I've been their client.

  You also need parishioners to see therapists who will work with you ( if the survivor agrees)  and you with them

to avoid conflicted of advice or morals.

     I find ( in secular terms)  that  boundaries are needed for my safety.

       Christian morals are valid boundaries and not inhibitors.

as a survivor I need to be released from sexual trauma .

     I want to be safe.

I need to be in my window of tolerance


   I am proposing that to be a Sexual Assault Counselor one should have

an interdisciplinary Masters Degree in sexual  assault counselling.