Isaiah 61  Men

A Guide for Pastors providing trauma informed ministry and Christian survivors applying redemptive theology 

About  this site 

  As a Christian survivor receiving Ministry,


singing Praise to God as a trauma release therapy

and  as I searched  the scriptures

and heard relevant parts of Messages in Sunday Services

    I am convinced, and argued in a published issue paper to the Australian Royal Commission

that trauma informed ministry has a place for survivors walking our road of recovery.

   As a Christian survivor I want Pastors to be a member of the interdisciplinary team of treating health care professionals.

  now every survivor is different as there are many factors and influences affecting us.

       My current psychotherapist has allowed me to progress beyond stabolisation and safety  to accessing my original traumatic memories  because mt Pastor is praying for me.

       Survivors should  see:

  • sexual assault counselors
  • trauma release therapists
  • relevant specialists




The Lord is the light of my salvation

"Behold I stand at the door and knock"

                Revelation 3 v 23


we the survivor opens the door from the inside

when we are ready

when it is safe outside

  more to come

Hope in God

  Psalm 42


compassion is more than empathy.

Compassion is caring

compassion is giving

compassion comes from God.