Isaiah 61  Men

A Guide for Pastors providing trauma informed ministry and Christian survivors applying redemptive theology 

The Parable of the Good Samaritian

    A ministry model:

  •    the man was wounded
  •    there is no suggestion it was his fault
  •    the Parable is  illistrating who our neighbour is and what it means to love our neighbour
  •    the context of the Parable is  Jesus stating the Greatest Commandment
  •    there is no shaming or guilt nor judgement of the wounded man - He needed first aid.
  •   no where in the Parable is there a requirement to forgive.
  •   Love which fulfills the greatest commandment is unconditional
  •   the man had his wounds washed with wine ( a sanatiser) and bound up
  •   the man was taken to a safe place to rest and recover
  •   the man was given time to recover
  •   the Good Samaritian paid the inn keeper for the cost of accomodation.


We need a theology

of being sinned against