Isaiah 61  Men

A Guide for Pastors providing trauma informed ministry and Christian survivors applying redemptive theology 

Introducing Ministry to survivors of sexual abuse  or victims of violance

  Jesus read Isaiah 61 then said this has come to pass.


     It is Jesus Christ who heals the broken hearted and sets the captives free.


Foundational Model of ministry to those sinned against

The Parable of the Good Samaritian

    serves as a model for ministry to those sinned against

Trigger warning

 This site might not be helpful to survivors of clergy abuse.  You may find  these sites helpful



What to avoid

  • presumption
  • arguing from the particular to the general
  • demanding forgiveness
  • quick fixes
  • authoritianism ( it may retraumatise)
  • cultural conformity
  • judging survival strategies

  These responses have harmed survivors

and been a set back.

  I am personally aware of examples.


It is helpful to :

  • Be patient
  • Be gentle
  • compassionate
  • humble
  • a listener

Understanding Survivors


 Sexual assault is not mainly woman being sexually abused by men.

  that myth was based on the REPORTED CASES when woman were more likely to report

and when men faced barriers to report and were too embarased to report.


  It is estimated that in in 6 men  and 25% woman

have been sexually abused by the age of 16.

    there has been a societal denial.


multidimensional Model

My multidimensional model

is complex

but may assist

in understanding

recovery for survivors.




Mandatory Reporting

 In many states and countries legislation has been passed making Clergy Mandatory Reporters

once we receive a disclosure,   The disclosure of the crime must be reported:

  • to the Police
  • and ones Church Child Protection Dept
  • sometimes called Professional Standards.


 If clergy are not legally required to Mandatory Report I suggest ethically and morally we should.


Many sexual abusers  are repeat offenders

   We have a Duty of Care to protect others

       from repeat offending.


 May abusers are unrepentant

and some morally reprobate.


  not all abusers were abused

some are plain bullies

   who manipulate others.

Our fundamental Christian Message

 is to repent from our sin

to find forgiveness

and to obey God's commandments

out of love and gratitude

by His grace.

 ( not legalism)


here we are not ministering to

repentant sinners


but those

sinned against.

this is our challenge

returning guilt to it's owner

If I'm walking down the street (maintaining 1.5m physical distance)

         and wearing my mask

and I see the pedestrian ahead drop $20

I pick it up (whilst wearing my gloves during covid restrictions)

 the $20 note is not mine to keep.

I run ahead and hand the $20 note to it's owner. ( at 1m) 

      It is not mine.


Abusers typically ( but there are variances)

    put their guilt in their victim.

but the abuser's guilt and shame

    does not belong to them


It should be returned to the abusers.

( even if an imaginary transaction)




Most survivors of sexual abuse

do not become abusers.


  • many are hypervigilent
  • many are too numb for any sex

"Praise the Lord!

He heals the brokenhearted

and binds up their wounds"

          Psalm 147 v1, 3.